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The Living Room of Our Campus"
Every house needs a living room – the place where the whole family can gather. Celebrations happen there and important conversations. Faith is built and sometimes meals are shared.Games are played and bonds are formed. One of our five core values is Connected Community, and our hope is for this Dining Hall (and multipurpose space) to be the place where God forges that connectedness. Primarily, the space will allow us to move lunch service out of our hallways and will potentially allow our entire student body to share meals together every day. It’s easy to imagine unity flourishing over that kind of table fellowship, but also, 20% of our students experience food insecurity, so we’re excited to serve them in an environment that will create positive associations with food. Outside of lunch service, the 6,000 square foot space will allow indoor PE to shift out of the Library, and it will be utilized by our after-school program. We are excited to have an improved space for performing arts and music. And the events that are central to our school life (Graduation, Saturday School, Devotions, etc.) will be held in a space that can accommodate our entire school community.

Outdoor Classroom
Charlotte Mason (upon whose educational philosophy New Hope’s curriculum was built) said, “An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing.” We agree. NHA is blessed to sit on 19 acres, and behind our building sits a lovely wooded area with a nature trail that leads to a spring-fed pond. The students have always enjoyed regular nature studies, but the Growing Forward Campaign aims to create a dedicated space on our campus for this emphasis to shine. Our plan is to construct a 30-person pavilion next to the pond so that our students might engage in our core value of Formative Learning and develop that sense of wonder and awe which comes from exploring the beauty and complexity of God’s creation.

New Hope Academy is a place where community and social development are deeply cherished. The expansion of our facility allows additional opportunities for our students to grow and flourish as they sit around tables for meal fellowship, enjoy theatrical plays, or engage in enrichment activities. The space will also provide meaningful occasions for NHA families to gather, enhancing our efforts toward economic and racial unity." New Hope Academy founder, Paige Pitts