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2024-2025 Tuition

$14,700 for Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade


Tuition is due and payable by August 1; however, arrangements may be made for installments of two or ten equal payments. For any questions related to tuition or fees, please contact Katherine Wilson at

Additional Fees

Application Fee – $50
Supply Fee – $50 (covers all school supplies)
Field Trip Fee – $40

Pre-Kindergarten Options

Tuition for Pre-Kindergarten is set at $14,700 for five days & $9,700 for 3 days per week.

Tuition Payment Policy

Our Enrollment Contract serves as the foundation for payment of tuition and fees. Because NHA has financial obligations that must be met, such as teacher salaries, heating, and electric bills, building maintenance and improvements, tuition payments must be made on time through the FACTS Management System. Our tuition payment cycle begins August 1 and ends on May 1. This is a ten month cycle. twelve month payment plans are not available.

Families with financial hardships that affect tuition payments should contact our Business Manager, Katherine Wilson at to consider payment plan options or financial assistance.

Delinquent Tuition Policy

If a payment is not received, our tuition company will send the family a letter indicating that their payment has not been received.

If a family’s tuition balance reaches 60 days outstanding, the school will send a letter indicating that their payment has not been received and reminding them of the tuition payment policy. Additionally, it is highly recommended that the family contact the Financial Manager to inform the school as to when payment can be expected or to arrange a payment plan.

If a family’s tuition balance reaches 75 days outstanding, the school will contact the family, communicating that the student(s) will not be allowed to attend until tuition payment arrangements have been made. The school reserves the right to pursue collection of tuition and fees.

Outstanding tuition balances from the prior year must be paid in advance of the new school year. Students will not be allowed to start the new school year until the past-due amounts are settled.