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Classical Education Model


Classical education embraces the idea that true education begins by teaching and discipling the whole child. At NHA, an atmosphere of learning is created by the teacher who seeks to cultivate wisdom by nourishing the child's mind and soul around beauty, goodness, and truth. The teacher brings learning to life through a thematic, multidisciplinary educational model carried out via small class discipleship. NHA is unique in that it integrates both a classical education model and Charlotte Mason's philosophy into its educational model. 

Charlotte Mason Approach


Charlotte Mason was a philosopher, author, and revolutionary British educator who lived in the early 1900s. Her teaching philosophy centered around the truth that a child is a whole person, not an object to be filled with facts. Mason believed that every child should have a well-rounded education that would include feasting on good literature and ideas, spending much time outside, and enjoying the arts. Mason's education philosophy can be summarized as follows: 1) an atmosphere 2) a discipline 3) a life. The following methods are integrated whenever possible into the humanities or science curriculum: nature study, artist study, composer studies, narration, recitations, living books, and short lessons.