Planned Giving

The Wisdom of Planned Giving

With wise planning, your assets will be used to bless the people and organizations you care about most – now and in the future. Planned giving is a way to gift non-cash assets (like stock, real estate, or closely held stock) and reduce your current income tax liability, reduce your future estate tax liability, and make it possible to give larger charitable gifts while maintaining your retirement and lifestyle goals.

When you make a future planned gift to New Hope Academy, we will have the needed resources to serve the families and children in our community for another 20 years. Examples include naming New Hope Academy as a beneficiary in a life Insurance policy, retirement account, or including New Hope Academy in your will and/or other estate documents.

Here’s how you can make a Legacy gift to New Hope Academy through your will and/or other estate documents:

    1. Specific Bequest. Through your will, you can give to New Hope Academy a bequest of a fixed dollar amount or a bequest of specific assets like securities, real estate, insurance policy, retirement account, and/or other personal assets. You can also designate that a specific percentage of your estate be given to New Hope Academy.
    2. Residuary Bequest. After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, you can choose a percentage, a specific amount, or the remainder of your estate to pass to New Hope Academy.
    3. Contingent Bequest. Under the provisions of a contingent bequest, New Hope Academy would receive either a specified portion or the entire estate only if circumstances make it impossible to carry out your Will’s primary provisions.

The easiest way to make a Legacy Gift is to add the following language to your Will, naming New Hope Academy as beneficiary: “I give, devise, and bequeath ________ (a certain sum, a percentage of the estate, or the remainder of the estate) to New Hope Academy, 1820 Downs Blvd, Franklin, TN 37064.” (Please consult your attorney for the specific language.)

To request free information about planned giving, please contact:

Parker Page
Director of Advancement