We believe our lives should reflect God’s character. New Hope Academy strives to mirror God’s image, reflecting His light through our works. By educating our children in that practice, we have the opportunity to pour infinite facets of that light into future generations.

We believe that learning is a constant, lifelong process and that individuals need to be nurtured and challenged in five general areas to develop wholly and reach their fullest potential.

Spiritually. New Hope Academy believes that the fear and knowledge of the Lord brings wisdom and understanding through the infallible Scriptures. We provide fertile soil to ensure that our students’ relationships with Jesus Christ flourish well beyond their school years.

Intellectually. New Hope Academy provides a rigorous and comprehensive academic program in a nurturing and challenging environment that fosters curiosity and creativity. In doing so, we transform day-to-day students into lifelong learners through academic success and positive educational experiences.

Emotionally. New Hope Academy builds within each student an appropriate self-confidence upon the foundation that the student is purposefully and uniquely created by God. From our safe and positive environment emerges students equipped with a Christ-like character, including a strong respect and responsibility for both the student and others.

Socially. New Hope Academy intentionally builds an economically, racially and culturally diverse student and faculty population, producing a richer and broader experience and community. Extracurricular activities are offered to reinforce principles of teamwork and to instill a lifestyle of service toward a student’s family, community, nation, and world.

Physically. New Hope Academy helps to meet the needs of each student to ensure a healthy body through appropriate diet, exercise and rest.

We believe that family is invaluable. New Hope Academy deeply affirms the family as an integral part of the educational process. When a student’s family is involved in school events, fundraisers, and the student’s daily tasks, the family instills, by example, the longstanding importance of a quality education. Along with our families, New Hope Academy helps students grow into men and women of faith, integrity, and character.

Come Committed. Leave Prepared.™