'It's about justice': Franklin private school has prioritized diversity, equity for 25 years

New Hope Academy Head of School Devin DeLaughter arrives at school at 6 a.m., two hours before classes start.

DeLaughter, who has served in his position for two years, starts each morning by placing his hand on each of the school's 24 classroom doors and saying a prayer for all of the children and teachers.

Later, he grabs a small square box, an orange speaker, and heads out to the drop-off line to greet almost 200 families. He places the little box on a bench, where it booms with praise music like "Something Beautiful" by artist Tori Kelly as families smile and wave.

"It's hard to be grumpy in the morning with music playing," DeLaughter said.

Greeting students in the morning is one of DeLaughter's favorite parts of the day.

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