Choosing Hybrid Homeschool? Read this.

If your family opts for Hybrid Homeschool, please read the following guidance for Hybrid Homeschool and complete the form attached here.

Here are our Hybrid Homeschool Distance Learning Expectations for Parents/Guardians and Students ...

For Parents/Guardians who wish to delay their child’s return to the building, New Hope Academy has developed an additional instructional pathway through remote learning. While New Hope Academy is on Level 1 or Level 2, a Hybrid Homeschool learning option will be offered. By electing to participate in the Hybrid Homeschool model, parents/guardians agree to take on the primary instructional role for their child in accordance with the New Hope Academy curriculum. Students enrolled in the Hybrid Homeschool instruction model will access curriculum/instructional materials on their homeroom class webpage. Students will be required to submit daily assignments virtually, along with regularly scheduled individual and small group check-ins by their assigned New Hope Academy teacher(s) through Microsoft Teams. If New Hope Academy were to move to Level 3 on the Pathway to Re-open Chart, all students will participate in the New Hope Academy Distance Learning Protocol.

The New Hope Academy Distance Learning Protocol will be an all school virtual instruction schedule. The goal of the New Hope Academy Distance Learning Protocol is to ensure a normalize academic schedule and experience for all students. If New Hope Academy moves to Level 3 on the Pathway to Re-open chart, New Hope Academy will ensure that all students have access to appropriate technology devises and access to internet to appropriately engage in daily instructional activities. The New Hope Academy Distance Learning Protocol will only be enacted in the event of a Level 3 Pathway to Re-open designation.

Parents/Guardians electing for their children to enroll in the Hybrid Homeschool distance learning instructional model must do so for a minimum of 4 weeks. Parents will be notified of the “opt-out period” at the end of each 4 week instructional block for their child to switch from the in class instructional model to the Hybrid Homeschool model while New Hope Academy is on Level 1 and/or Level 2 on the Pathway to Re-open Chart. Parents may not “opt-out” of either instructional model outside of the predetermined “opt-out period(s)”. Students participating in the Hybrid Homeschool model, will not be eligible to participate in ACORN. New Hope will not guarantee the availability of technology devices for students electing to opt-out of traditional instructional delivery. Parents/Guardians who elect to opt-out must ensure the appropriate level of access to technology for their child.

At the end of each 4-week instructional time block, parents who desire to switch the current instructional model of their child must participate in a Transition Seminar training session which will be held during the opt-out period. The Transition Seminar training session will be delivered both in person and virtually. Synchronous attendance will be required for parents.

Parents/Guardians electing to opt-out of the traditional instruction delivery model must maintain an open line of communication with teachers, counselors, and New Hope Academy administration and seek assistance when needed. Parents electing to opt-out of the traditional instructional delivery model agree to participate in the process of success by communicating with teachers and monitoring student progress daily.

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