Facebook Fundraisers

New Hope Academy is registered as a participating nonprofit organization, so you can host your own fundraising event for the students of New Hope through Facebook.  Find the “fundraisers” option in the menu on your homepage in Facebook (click on the triple lines in the bottom righthand corner of your smartphone app; look on the left side of a desktop browser).  Then click on “select nonprofit,” and search for and choose New Hope Academy.  Decide on the amount you want to raise, and watch the generosity of your friends and family flow!
New Hope Academy is a private, coeducational, Christ-centered school for pre-kindergarten through 6th grade students, located in Franklin, Tennessee. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we transform children into life-long learners, hands-on problem solvers, pure worshipers, and world-changers – children steeped in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

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