After School Enrichment Programs

New Hope Academy has many programs to enhance after-school learning.

ACORN is New Hope Academy’s after-school care program. More than child care, the ACORN program models the rich learning environment that our students experience throughout the day at New Hope. ACORN assists parents who, due to their work schedules, are not able to pick up their children at dismissal. During ACORN, students have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one tutoring with National Honor Society students, UT Extension 4-H Program, Harvesting Hope Community Gardens, TABLE TOP etiquette and nutrition classes, music lessons, and arts-and-crafts activities, all in a safe environment. Please email Doris McMillan, our ACORN Director, for more information regarding after school activities.

Chess Club is open to students in 3rd-6th grades and meets once a week. Chess Club is designed to be fun and provide instructions on how to play the game. Students leave Chess Club understanding the game and hopefully desiring to play it. All kids can benefit from chess. Kids may see it as just a game, but research has shown that chess enhances scholastic abilities and even test scores. It is an “exercise for the mind” and a fun way to practice concentration, patience, logic and mental calculations.

Creative Writing is open to 4th-6th graders who enjoy writing. It meets once a week after school to encourage young authors to continue to write and to provide publication and sharing opportunities. The writing club teaches writing skills particular to different genres of writing and creates an environment where the author’s voice is heard and enjoyed. Members can enter various local and national writing contests and read their pieces aloud at our Family Book Fair night and at various school productions.

Study Hall is held after school 4 days a week and is available for 4th-6th grades. Students are provided with a quiet working environment in order to begin their studies. Students are taught organizational skills and time management, and also receive one-on-one tutoring. There is no cost.

The New Hope Academy Choir is open to students in 3rd-6th grades. This is a music enrichment program that specifically nurtures singing skills. The Choir meets after school once a week. Each year, the choir members will have opportunities for special performances at New Hope Academy and in the Greater Middle Tennessee community. Members learn the importance of working together for a common goal, proper performance behaviors, and community service through performance. Membership in this group helps prepare students for the transition to middle school groups.

The Percussion Ensemble is open to students in 4th-6th grades. This is a music enrichment program that trains students to play many types of percussion instruments in a group environment. The Percussion Ensemble meets before school once a week. Each year, percussion ensemble members receive opportunities for special performances at New Hope Academy and in the community. Membership in this group can help prepare students for the transition to middle school music groups.

Acorn After School Program
Chess Club