New Hope Academy Staff

List of 14 items.


Our amazing teachers make our school come alive.

List of 15 items.

  • Amanda Head

  • Robbin Robertson

  • Ariane Durham

  • Christine Sandusky

  • Becky Carter

    First Grade
  • Bethany Bergey

    First Grade
  • Bretta Freeman

    Second Grade
  • Paula Morrison

    Second Grade
  • Michelle Ketchum

    Third Grade
  • Kim Brames

    Fourth Grade
  • Nicole Grayson

    Fourth Grade
  • Alice Dighton

    Upper School
  • Brian Goodwin

    Upper School
  • Scott Tunnell

    Upper School
  • Sherri Gragg

    Upper School

Specialty Teachers

Guiding the curriculum enrichment courses, these teachers invest deeply in our students, providing unique ways of learning and connecting through music, art, PE, languages, and the learning lab.

List of 12 items.

  • Carole Virden

    Art Teacher
  • Jacilyn Goodwin

    Asst. Academic Director (Student Support)
  • Jill Gonas

    Learning Specialist
  • John Bryant

    Asst. Academic Director (Instruction)
  • Johnequa Waters

    ACORN Coordinator
  • Kim Danforth

    Learning Specialist
  • Lenis Paez

    Latin and Spanish Teacher
  • Patti Kelly

    Learning Specialist
  • Pauli Wear

    Asst. Academic Director (Curriculum)
  • Teena Boone

    Music Teacher
  • Savannah Decker

    Speech Therapist
  • LaDona D. Pierce