Extended Learning

At New Hope Academy, we believe that all children can learn. Along with each student’s unique learning strengths, we recognize a variety of learning differences. All children at New Hope Academy are served in the regular classroom whenever possible. Some students benefit from additional support and instruction through our Extended Learning Lab. Currently, New Hope Academy  is limited in Extended Learning staff and resources. Because of this, we have limited capacity to serve students with severe learning disabilities and students who are not on grade level.

When our students graduate from New Hope Academy, it is our desire that students love God, love themselves and love others. New Hope Academy longs for students to be awed by the Creator’s handiwork and be inspired to be life-long learners. Students have been given the tools to excel in any academic setting, and our prayer is that students would shine wherever their academic pursuits lead them. Our students have been encouraged to think for themselves, ask questions and do independent research. We hope students leave New Hope Academy with a biblical world view that can be applied to every area of their lives. New Hope Academy celebrates diversity and yearns for racial reconciliation and justice for the poor. We hope that our students will use their education to continue this mission that will transform their culture for God’s glory. Our alumni go forth to excel at other schools such as Brentwood Academy (BA), Battle Ground Academy (BGA), Christ Presbyterian Academy (CPA), Ensworth, Franklin Christian Academy (FCA), Franklin Classical School (FCS), and Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA), as well as local public schools.