Listen to Donors

“New Hope Academy helps children and staff to live, love, and not fear. They have a culture of loving care and they seek to be who they say they are. Love is the key criteria for support from the Baptist Healing Trust. That is why we care about NHA.”
– Erie Chapman

“Children have tremendous potential, and so much of their childhood progress is rooted in their education. Christ Community Church has always believed in the mission of New Hope Academy. It’s an inspiring place where lives are being changed and where students are thriving.  Youngest to oldest, they are seeing HOPE for their future!  As a church, we are strongly committed to their mission, their teachers, and their students. It’s an eternal investment.”
– Cammy Bethea

“Thomas Nelson’s corporate giving program is one of the ways we serve others. Our giving allows us to partner with organizations, such New Hope Academy, that embrace and promote a Christian understanding of truth and life, and improve the lives of those in need according to Christ’s command.
– Lindsey Nobles

“New Hope Academy is fulfilling a vision that we wish our grown son could have experienced.  We want to see this school continue to grow so that more children will have this opportunity. It is so exciting to see how children’s lives are changed for now and for eternity because of the New Hope experience. Investing in NHA is an eternal investment.”
– Mary and Terry Howell

“New Hope Academy was a simple choice. I am giving to lives in my neighborhood. I am sowing hope into my community. Wouldn’t it be wonderful 10 years from now to be able to point to young leaders whose foundation was laid at New Hope? Every student who attends New Hope has the potential to become an ambassador for good and hope in our community. Where could my money bring a better return?”
– Laurie Anderson