New Hope Academy believes that studying mathematics leads to a greater appreciation of the Creator.


The study of numbers and their relationships gives students a better understanding of God’s exactness, order, and constancy. Math is vital for living productively in today’s world. As such, at New Hope Academy math is not viewed as a separate entity, but is integrated into the daily experiences of the students through integration into other subject areas.

Manipulatives are utilized in the curriculum to allow students to gain conceptual understanding through concrete means. As math skills are mastered, the teacher guides the students through the different stages of learning: concrete, semi-concrete, semi-abstract and abstract. Students are taught three steps: building, saying, and writing. Building with manipulatives incorporates the visual, kinesthetic, and tactile senses, saying taps into auditory learning, and writing bridges the concrete and abstract levels.

Memorizing math facts is an important aspect of the curriculum and lays the foundation to higher level thinking and problem solving. Moreover, each grade focuses on teaching and challenging students in real world math, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.