Foreign Language

At New Hope Academy, we value and celebrate the culture and language of all countries. We believe that the study of foreign language trains the brain in a powerful way.


Spanish is taught in Pre-Kindergarten through second grade as an introduction to another culture and language.


The grammar stage of Spanish begins with simple vocabulary in Pre-Kindergarten and then progresses to the alphabet, simple phrases, sentences and questions. In second grade the students begin to read print and speak conversationally. The cultures and countries that speak Spanish are also introduced.


In third grade, students begin studying Latin.  The Latin course of study at New Hope Academy seeks to provide students with an historical, syntactical, inflectional and purposeful understanding of language arts.


Because Latin significantly improves verbal skills, mathematical reasoning powers and strengths in other academic areas, we view Latin as a foundational aspect of our classical program. Since Spanish is, by some estimates, 90 percent Latin, the vocabulary learned in the early years transfers easily to Latin study. Each year, the students learn five to six hundred words in Latin as well as the grammar necessary to master this ancient language.

By the time students leave New Hope Academy, they should be able to read on an intermediate level in Latin, parse and diagram complex English sentences and draw out the meaning of hundreds of difficult English words based on their knowledge of Latin.