New Hope Academy affirms strongly the need for the fine arts to be a very present part of the students’ experience and learning throughout their formal education, as well as their life-long pursuit of knowledge.


Art enables the students to express and communicate their thoughts, ideas, imagination and understanding of themselves and the world around them.

It is very natural for a child to experiment in painting and drawing, and it is our desire to encourage and enhance this outlet of communication and expression.

Art is Pursued in the Following Ways:

  • Hands-on experience with art in different mediums are offered once a week with an art teacher, allowing students to experiment and learn different techniques.
  • Art expresses the thought, worldview, and artistic style of the day. Students study the art of a time period in conjunction with their humanities unit, observing and discussing specific works of art.
  • image-art-2Students will study the artwork of renowned artists, allowing them to observe reproductions or several works by the same artist. Each student will study artists and their work during the course of one year.
  • Classes will take field trips to museums, galleries and other locations so students may see fine art firsthand.